Frequently Asked Questions

Here we hope to clarify a few questions we have received regarding our designs and products.

  1. What’s the capacity of Draincube?
    50 gallons.
  2. How long will it take to fill?
    1,000 square feet of roof receiving 1″ of rain captures 600 gallons. It fills fast.
  3. I know you have a filter on there, but say you get lots of crap like leaves, kids kite parts, fireworks, pizzas etal… clogging it up. How easy is this to clean out?
    There are three methods/accessories available to handle debris.
       1. A “gutter guard” installed at the gutter level to prevent large material from entering the gutters and downspout. Many other companies make options for this.
       2. A sock/screen that attaches at the input and the sock end tucks into the outflow tube internally. Not allowing debris to enter the box, but instead keep on trucking and just pass through.
       3. Remove the lid and flush the system, or simply place a fully-on garden hose in the downspout inlet to allow the system to flush.
  4. What do I do for Winter to keep from damage occurring?
    Simply leave the drain open so the device does NOT store water.
  5. Where can I buy your products?
    Right now, our website is the only place. We will soon be available on Amazon and someday… in stores.

Please feel free to Contact Us if you do not see your question answered.



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